The focus is the prep for, the recover from, and well the actual travel too!  We will do our best to bring you the humour and the practical. What we have learned from our own experience, research about other traveling adventures, and of course family and friend advice too.

We both love travel, we both love to laugh, we both think every day is an adventure, and so hopefully that combination and our good intentions make this something you would want to check out – and maybe tell a few peeps about.

Cheers from Scotland

Brande @ Eagle Barge Pub, Invergarry, Scotland – walking the Great Glen Way with my sister!

Here is a bit about Brande …

Married with one fur-baby living in Vancouver, loving my provincial government job in the area of health operations, and always always always planning my next travel destination. I love this big crazy world and plan on seeing as many corners off it as I can.

I love to hike (albeit slow like a turtle), I love to scrapbook (check out http://www.scrapstorian.wordpress.com), I love write and I love to read. I work full time, and go to University part time and some where in there sometimes cook, keep a clean house, and shower my hubby with love.

I am blessed beyond belief and have the pleasure of coming from a massive, family that I absolutely adore and is likely the reason I like travel with a little chaos, noise, good laughs, and real exposure to different things.

“Cheers, and welcome to our blog!”

Here is a bit about Lana …

On the train from Dublin to Drogheda on one of our first adventures.

On the train from Dublin to Drogheda on one of our first adventures.

At the moment I am living and loving working in the booming metropolis of Edmonton. My nursing career has allowed me to take two very different directions -simultaneously-in the massive realm of healthcare. A high-acuity surgical unit gives me the fast-paced, results-driven, outcome-based environment that I crave, while catering to marginalized population groups in an inner city clinic satisfies my desire to effectively serve those in need. I am fascinated by the human condition although I don’t always enjoy humans!

I’m a self-proclaimed hermit who loves to read and write… But don’t kid yourself, I can’t pass up a good laugh and a pint at the local pub! I love history, culture, language, food, adventure, and travel (Not necessarily in that order!), which is why I’m so excited to be a part of this journey. My mom and sister are my biggest fans and have supported me in all things since I caught the travel bug and started roaming the world at 25. I’ve adopted the philosophy that everyone has something to offer and the biggest lesson I have learned is that people are people, the world over. We are broken and blessed, bizarre and beautiful, but we’re all human. There is something to learn each and every day and there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for…


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