Interested in a rough idea of the itinerary of our adventures?

This page will be updated with links to our travel itineraries as we create them!

We will work to include items like where we are going, sights we will see, adventures we have planned, and more. Where we can we will provide links to official websites where we booked our found all the different things, costs, and travel times so you can use this info to plan your own adventure.

Check out our blog posts for each trip to get the skinny on what worked out and didn’t, what was an adventure and maybe what ended up being a nightmare (fingers crossed there are not too many of those), and of course what we found funny. Caveat: what Lana and Brande find funny may not be funny to others – we are kinda weird, kooky sense of humour, fried eggs. To prove my point, we probably both just laughed out loud reading that description of ourselves.


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