Tanzania in 13 days

Adventure To-Do List:  Mount Kilimanjaro and a Safari 

Monday, Sept 28-2015 – Arrive in Tanzania

  • Arrive at the wee-baby Kilimanjaro International Airport JRO
  • Check in at the Outpost Lodge in the town of Arushu. (The lodge boasts hot water in some of the rooms, a clear pool and the best coffee in Arushu. 5 star all the way for these travelers!)

Tuesday, Sept 29-2015 – Final Pre-Hike Prep / Rent Stuff

  • Organize any rental equipment or clothing. (Bringing a whole bunch of -15C clothing on a 6 week trip to Africa for just one long night up the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is near to crazy talk. So lots of places have rentals for all kinds of things like sleeping bags, hiking poles, rain gear, day packs, etc. Some of us are cutting back on how much we bring by renting the bigger stuff or items we won’t need for the rest of our travels.)
  • Evening brief with our guide from Climb Mount Kilimanjaro who work in conjunction with Team Kilimanjaro as their on the ground team in Tanzania. (We don’t know our guide yet but we are secretly hoping it is the trail guide author of amazing-ness Henry Stedman from Trailblazers who wrote the trail guide for Mount Kilimanjaro and many other hikes I have done in the UK. Hello he is awesome!)

Wednesday, Sept 30-2015 – Begin Hike Day 1/7 Unique Rongai Route 

  • 0700 leave hotel
  • Arushu to Rongai Gate by 4×4 vehicle
  • Rongai Gate to Simba Camp on our own two feet
  • Distance to hike: 7 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: 8,645 feet (2,635 m)
  • Enjoying our last day of normal air pressure and all the oxygen in our lungs we could ever dream of (and will dream of)
  • Colobus Monkeys!
  • Interesting note: some of us on this hike also want to climb to Machu Picchu which is “only” at 8,000 feet. Did we do these in the wrong order?

Thursday, Oct 1-2015 – Hike Day 2 / 7 Unique Rongai Route

  • 0700 wake up
  • Simba Camp to Kikelelwa Camp
  • Distance to hike: 11.75 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: 12,057 ft (3,675 m)

Friday, Oct 2-2015 – Hike Day 3 / 7 Unique Rongai Route

  • 0700 wake up
  • Kikelelwa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn Hut Camp
  • Distance to hike: 3.75 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: 14,114 ft (4,302 m)
  • Steep UP, no more vegetation after this day
  • Climbers feeling good should do an acclimatization hike that afternoon to the West Ridge

Saturday, Oct 3-2015 – Hike Day 4 / 7 Unique Rongai Route

  • 0700 wake up
  • Mawenzi Tarn Hut Camp to Third Caves Camp
  • Distance to hike: 11.6 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: 15,138 ft (4,614 m)
  • Descent of 8 km to sleep low for some extra Oxygen love before the summit

Sunday, Oct 4-2015 – Hike Day 5 / 7  Unique Rongai Route

  • 0700 wake up
  • Third Cave Camp to School Huts
  • Distance to hike: 4.9km
  • Sleeping for few hours at the elevation of: 15, 476 ft (4717 m)
  • UP and short, the last hike before we attempt conquer the summit

Monday, Oct 5-2015 – Hike Day 6/7  Unique Rongai Route

  • 1200 (yup midnight) wake up
  • School Huts via Gillmans Point to Uhuru Peak (Summit at 19,341 ft) for sunrise
  • Uhuru Peak (Summit) via Kibo Huts for breakfast to Horombo Huts Camp
  • Distance to hike: 21.65 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: 12, 208 ft (3,721 m)
  • UP and UP and UP (above the altitude of Mt Everest base camp) and then DOWN and tired and cold and headache and nauseau

Tuesday, Oct 6-2015 – Hike Day 7 / 7  Unique Rongai Route

  • 0700 wake up
  • Horombo Huts to Marangu Gate
  • Distance to hike: 20.75 km
  • Sleeping at the elevation of: OUR HOTEL!
  • Down, down and down and get your certificate, have a partially chilled pint, count your toenail losses, shower, you did it!

Wednesday, Oct 7-2015  – Recover, Laundry, Sooth Muscles 

  • wake up whenever you feel like it
  • do whatever you like today (pool, chill, sleep, wobble about on sore muscles)
  • enjoy some extra calories

Thursday, Oct 8-2015 – Safari Day 1

  • details coming soon …

Friday, Oct 9-2015 – Safari Day 2

  • details coming soon …

Saturday, Oct 10-2015

  • On to the next adventure!

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